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Divorce Lawyer in Madera County

Divorce is one of the most difficult situations one could face. That is why my firm is committed to serving the residents of Madera County with a high level of compassion and a dedication to their case. Whether the issue involves a specific term of the decree or the divorce as a whole, I can help them determine the best approach to their case. As a Madera County divorce attorney, I'm here to help get you through this process with the necessary help and support to resolve things properly. If you are a resident of Madera County, I offer honest legal assistance for all involved in a specific case.

The county of Madera is committed to its people. The mission statement of the area includes a promise to serve the public interest and act responsibly in its service to the people of Madera. Those who desire to live life in harmony surrounded by the land that and beauty the world offers are instantly attracted to Madera, California. It is at the heart of the Central Valley of California. Since its existence, the area has retained a strong agricultural focus and a heart to welcome all newcomers with its beauty and culture. There are many benefits to life in the county of Madera that the residents have enjoyed.

My Firm's Focus

At the Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC. , my focus is on providing each individual with the dedication they deserve. It is essential to understand your case and know the options available to you. Whether you require legal assistance bringing a new child into your family through adoption or require a restraining order as a response to domestic violence, I can be by your side through the entire process. I am driven by my clients and aim to provide high-quality service to those facing the hardship of contention within the family. The emotional stress associated with your case can be eased by the legal assistance of my firm. If you are a Kings County resident facing the issues of child custody or child support and would like to establish paternity, I can walk you through each step.

At my firm, I make it a priority to focus on the children involved in each case. I am dedicated to assisting a family and can help them obtain the best possible outcome. That typically involves providing for the needs of the child first and the other individual's interests will then be taken into consideration. Whether I represent you in a collaborative law divorce or in court, I can act as the voice that you need when your emotions have distracted your focus. Contact my firm today to find out how I can assist you through your entire case!

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