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It is not surprising that uncontested divorce is a popular option for people who need to dissolve their marriages. Important issues stemming from a divorce often get in the way, however, and prevent the couple from being able to avoid court and litigation.

Some issues that cause dissention in divorce matters are:

In a divorce - no matter what type - the more that can be agreed upon, the better. Having a divorce that is not contested can make your situation much simpler and less confusing. In addition, it can help you save a substantial amount of money.

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The Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, P.C. is prepared to do whatever it takes to assist you and your family with an uncontested divorce matter, which includes the following:

  • Preparation of all documentation required to obtain a decree of dissolution of marriage for when both parties have agreed upon all of the important issues, such as:
  • Includes preparation of all financial disclosures, forms, marital settlement agreements, final judgments and review of documentation for the agreement by another attorney.

Our Fresno Attorneys serve clients throughout the Central Valley with their divorce cases to help make it a less stressful and more productive solution to their marital problems.

Information About Uncontested Divorce

When opting for an uncontested divorce, couples typically make it a priority to choose their battles wisely. Those who do so are able to save time and money by avoiding conflict. When it comes to the meetings, it is important to be organized and prepared. By listening to the legal guidance that I offer as your Fresno lawyer and putting it into practice, your costs can be minimized. An uncontested divorce can be much less stressful and controversial than cases that must be taken to trial. It can only be accomplished through cooperation from both parties however.

No matter what, coming to an agreement can be difficult and requires hard work and self-control. During your uncontested divorce, an attorney can assist in each aspect of your case, including negotiations and document preparation. An uncontested divorce is easier than a contested divorce but is still a complex legal situation. Additionally, a Fresno divorce attorney from my firm can provide advice throughout the case. I can offer knowledgeable legal counsel and ensure that the agreement you enter into is binding for both parties and enforceable in court. Rather than spending money post-divorce to correct divorce documents that have been incorrectly prepared, you can retain the legal assistance of a Fresno uncontested divorce attorney from my firm from the start of your case.

If both spouses agree that the marriage must come to an end, they may be able to also come to mutual agreements on the final divorce settlement. If that is the case, both parties can greatly benefit from an uncontested divorce. This method of divorce can cover a variety of issues, including property division, alimony and child custody. It is helpful to obtain the legal counsel and guidance of a lawyer from my firm before signing any legal documents. By retaining my firm's legal assistance, my support staff and I can perform much of the work that you would otherwise need to do for a divorce, thus saving you the time, stress, and pressure of completing the process correctly.

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