Legal Separation

Legal Separation Attorney in Fresno

Understanding Legal Separations and How They Differ from Divorce

If you and your spouse are involved in a difficult battle that is separating the two of you, deciding which route to take in your marriage can be difficult. Divorce is a common option that most couples take when they want to dissolve their marriage, but this is not for everyone. Legal separation is another option that can be considered. There are both pros and cons to a legal separation that are specific to your circumstance and should be understood before pursuing this action. Speak with a Fresno divorce lawyer from my firm before taking the next step.

This process involves a formal judgment that is issued by the court of law to separate the married individuals' lives. It does not, however, terminate the marriage. It is a judgment that allows the parties to retain the status of a married couple while living separate financial and physical lives. Their respective rights are set apart and neither one has an obligation to the other. They are not, however free to marry another because their marriage is not ended. Similar issues are dealt with in a legal separation that are dealt with in an actual divorce situation. This includes child support, spousal support, child custody, and visitation rights. They must even negotiate the distribution of property including assets and debt.

Pursuing Legal Separation

If legal separation seems like a valid option for you and your spouse, a Fresno legal separation attorney from my firm can be by your side through the process. It should also be understood that a legal separation is not a mandatory prerequisite to divorce. You can speak with a lawyer to help you establish the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Many couples choose a legal separation for the benefit of their children, for religious purposes, or because they hope for reconciliation. Whatever your reason for pursuing a legal separation, my firm can guide you through, so call the Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC. today!

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