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At the Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC. , I understand that each client deserves honest answers, aggressive representation and the ability to attain peace of mind. My goal is to resolve your family law case as promptly and cost effectively as possible. Divorce and other family law issues can be some of the most sensitive matters a lawyer will handle during their time in practice.

Although any legal problem can be difficult and confusing, resolving a family dispute can be one of the most distressing legal matters a family could face. It can have a large impact on your life for many years, which is why it is imperative to secure knowledgeable and high-quality legal assistance from a Fresno lawyer. My goal is to ensure that your case, no matter what type, is resolved in a manner that benefits your family.

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In any legal matter involving the delicate relationships of a family, there can be long-term consequences if not handled properly. The issues that must be discussed involve finances, children, the family home, marital property and other important familial matters. It is in your best interest to approach your case with the presence of a legal representative.

Retain solid legal representation from a Fresno Attorney at my firm today for the peace of mind you desperately need at this moment. I have an Avvo Rating of 7.0 - 7.9 Very Good and have the capacity to handle many types of divorce and family law cases. I can help you save time, money, and frustration, so contact my firm today!

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