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Helping Fathers Establish Paternity in California

Children can greatly benefit from the attention and support of their fathers, even if parents are not married. When there is an absence of paternity determination, the father may not have the rights or responsibilities to his child. An unmarried father might have no legal right to visit the children and will also not have obligations to pay child support. As a Fresno attorney from my firm, I can help you through this situation and can provide you with a clear understanding of your rights, responsibilities and options. Establishing paternity can be a complex issue and one that may require the legal attention from the Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC. .

Advantages of Legal Paternity Recognition

If a child is born to a mother is not married to the baby's father, or born out of wedlock, the question of paternity is often brought about. In cases where both parties are in agreement that he is the biological father, they can sign a form with the court which will legally and officially recognize the child's father. If there are disagreements as to who the biological father is, this dispute can be resolved through a DNA test. All individuals involved in this issue can benefit through the establishment of legal paternity. With clarity on the identity of the child's father, mothers can receive the financial support they need and fathers can gain the right to spend time with his child.

The individual who can benefit from this testing the most is the child. Not being aware of who one's father is can impact one's life in great ways. It helps the child have a better sense of identity and allows them to spend time with their father. It assists them medically as well because doctors will have better insight into their hereditary health conditions. If you have questions about paternity, a Fresno paternity lawyer from my firm can provide you with the answers you need.

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