Grandparents' Rights

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Securing Grandchildren's Custody and Visitation in California

In some divorce situations, grandparents in the Central Valley can fight for rights to custody or visitation of their grandchildren. Generally, the rights of the parents trump the rights of the grandparents. In all circumstances, however, the child's best interest is placed as the main priority. As a grandparent and parent, it is important to understand both your state and federal rights. Grandparents do have rights, they are just not automatically enforced, however. Speak with a Fresno divorce lawyer today to discuss your situation and find out how you can take a part in the life of your children.

Can a Parent Deny You Custody or Visitation?

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that parents have the final rule when it comes to making decisions for their children. The parents of your grandchild can deny you visitation rights if they are married. If your child is divorced, deceased or was never married to the father or mother of your grandchild, the parent's wishes will carry a substantial amount of weight before the court. These circumstances allow room for the court to override the parent's wishes, however, and allow access of the grandparent to their grandchildren. As your Fresno grandparents' rights attorney, I can stand by your side and develop a resilient case to maximize your chance of a successful result.

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Grandparents can also request guardianship in some situations. If you believe that the custodial parent of your child is not fit and the other parent has died, my firm can help you file for guardianship and child custody. The laws pertaining to the rights of a grandparent are very complex and may require specific information from an attorney from my firm. I can help ensure that you are not a forgotten portion of your child's divorce case.

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