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At the Law Office of Zeppy Attashian, PC., I am prepared to help individuals and couples become parents through the process of adoption. I am devoted to personal and professional legal assistance with all types of family law issues, including becoming a family. Adoption is a legal process that involves the removal of a child from one family to another. After an individually legally adopts a child, they become legally responsible for the care and well-being of this individual. The responsibility of the biological parents to provide food, shelter, medical treatment and education to the child is then given to the new adoptive parents.

Adoption Laws in California

Every state has specific adoption laws, and California is no different. As a parent navigating the adoption process, it's important to have an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. Here are a few things to be aware of when going through the California adoption process:

  • Eligibility: California requires prospective adoptive parents to be 10 or more years older than the child they're adopting. However, exceptions are made for stepparents or relatives trying to adopt.
  • Home Study: Home studies with thorough background checks are also required to be approved for adoption in the state.

Stepparent Adoptions in California

In some situations, a new husband or wife wishes to adopt the children of his or her spouse. There are some situations in which the birth parent still retains partial rights, but they are shared with the new adoptive parent. This legal process is simpler than other adoptive situations that involve the removal of custody from one individual or couple to another. I can assist you through this process as well as helping you handle the disputes that arise through the process. In many situations, the biological parent may object to this adoption.

Adoption FAQ

California Adoption Process

There are many steps in the adoption process that a couple or individual can experience. Depending on the circumstance, it can be a very complex procedure that will be filled with difficulties throughout the process. When working with an adoption attorney from my firm, however, the adoption process can be much smoother than when dealt with on your own.

I can help you handle any issue that arises during the course of becoming the legal parent of your soon-to-be child. This is an exciting time of your life that should be given every chance of success.

Types of Adoptions in California

There are numerous types of adoptions available to residents of Fresno, California. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your adoption circumstance:

We represent those throughout Fresno, Kings County, and Madera in California. Contact my firm today to speak with our Fresno adoption attorneys!

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