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The legal process of divorce can be very difficult for all involved. Divorce typically involves having an outside party making important life-changing decisions for us. Divorce litigation is an issue that typically leads to emotions of anger, fear, anxiety and stress. That is because each party of a divorce dispute has his or her own needs in mind and does not want to negotiate their own perspective. For some individuals, they will have no choice but to pursue litigation, such as in cases of domestic violence. For others, however, there is an effective alternative called collaborative law.

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Collaborative law gives people the opportunity to effectively resolve their divorce and other family law issues in an effective and efficient manner. As your lawyer, I can help you avoid court through this process. You and your current spouse will pursue divorce while maintaining dignity and avoiding unnecessary hostility. This process encourages mutual respect and focuses on the specific areas of interests that are more likely to lead to hostility. In collaborative law, no party is able to take the issue to court or even threaten litigation, so the need to settle and cooperate is mutually understood.

What is the Difference Between Collaborative Law and Mediation?

There are a few differences between collaborative law and mediation. One of the primary differences is that there is a neutral third party settling the case in mediation. In collaborative law, each party will have his or her own lawyer. Each attorney will be able to represent their client through the legal problems, rather than having to remain balanced and unbiased. Collaborative law effectively deals with issues that arise during the meetings because the attorneys are both focused on the same goal, negotiation and settlement.

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