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Attorney for Restraining Orders in Fresno County

In a civil order, a restraining order can be obtained for protection. These are typically the result of a domestic violence issue. A restraining order can be signed by a judge to order the abuser to end his or her actions or else face serious legal consequences. As your Fresno divorce attorney, I can help you obtain this protection from domestic violence and other abusive behaviors. These can be established immediately and will be enforced by the Fresno, Kings County or Madera police department. I have an Avvo Rating of 7.0 - 7.9 Very Good, which is a reflection of my professional conduct and dedication to my clients involved in difficult circumstances such as this.

Don't hesitate to contact my firm if you need to obtain a restraining order.

What Can a Restraining Order Do?

Restraining orders can be applied when reasonable facts are presented to show that abuse or violence has led to distrust in a domestic partner or spouse. You can request a restraining order against the individual who has either hurt or threatened you. If the abuser violates the restraining order, they can be instantly arrested. A restraining or protective order can be established during a divorce if evidence of domestic violence is presented. As your Fresno restraining order lawyer, I can help you obtain an order that prevents the spouse from:

  • Entering the marital home
  • Contacting the victim
  • Coming near the victim
  • Entering the marital vehicle
  • Harming the other party
  • Harming a child

If you need a protective order to prevent a member of the family from abusing any other individual of the household, my firm can help! I represent clients who are facing issues of domestic violence or an imminent threat of physical injury with an individual of familial relationship. A restraining order can be established ex parte, or without the other party involved.

Types of Restraining Orders

There are three types of restraining orders based primarily on how long it lasts. An emergency protective order (EPO) can go into effect immediately and can expire in as short as a few days. Temporary restraining orders (TRO) are the typical form of restraining orders with the exception that it lasts a limited time. These last a few weeks after a full restraining order hearing is held to discuss the next step. Permanent restraining orders (PRO) last for a certain number of years. They can be renewed and extended if the circumstance does not change.

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